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Recycling ... 

Click here to recycle your old phones, cameras and other devices to assist Navigator Supporters raise funds! We depend on the earth to provide us with life sustaining resources, but the improper disposal of waste is creating complex environmental problems. E-waste in particular is quickly becoming one of the most prolific polluters in today's disposable society. Our efforts will hopefully stem the tide of cell phones entering the waste stream - your efforts can help.

Properly disposing of old cell phones is beneficial in several ways; they can be reconditioned to extend their useful life; donated to shelters and law enforcement agencies to provide emergency communications; or recycled to extract reusable substances. All of these measures help keep hazardous wastes and toxic chemicals out of landfills and incinerators where they potentially reduce air quality and leach harmful chemicals into ground water.

An estimated 130 million, or roughly 65,000 tons, of cell phones are retired every year in the US. An estimated 500 million cell phones are gathering dust right now. At the current cell phone recycling rate, less than 1 percent of those phones will end up being recycled.

Click here to recycle your old phone and assist Navigator Supporters raise funds to support our program!

Birdies For Charity... 2024 

You can make Navigator Supporters a big bucks winner by making a pledge in the

Birdies for Charity competition at the 2024 Waste Management Phoenix Open!

That’s because participating charities will receive every single penny of collected pledges. 

How do I play Birdies for Charity?

  • Make a one-time gift in any amount!    
  • Simply pledge one cent or more for every birdie that will be made by the PGA Tour players,                                                                                        Thursday through Sunday of the 2024 Waste Management Phoenix Open. It’s estimated that between 1,300 and 1,800 birdies will be made. (Inclement weather may affect the total).  Be sure to select Navigator Supporters as your charity.

How much will I owe and whom do I pay? 

  • One-Timegifts - pay right now - using your credit card on the Birdies For Charity secure website.
  • Pledges - Say you pledge one cent per birdie and 1,500 birdies are made. After the tournament, you’ll receive an invoice for $15.00 from Thunderbirds Charities.

Birdies can also mean Bonus Bucks. Navigator Supporters will receive a 10 Percent Bonus on the total amount of pledges collected on their behalf during the 2024 Waste Management Phoenix Open Birdies for Charity program. It’s as simple as it sounds. Example: if we collect $10,000 in pledges, The Phoenix Thunderbirds will donate an additional $1,000, for a total of $11,000.

LAST YEAR WE RAISED OVER $2,000... Your donation will assist us provide even more valuable services to adults with disabilities.

All registrations MUST be entered online no later than February 11, 2024.